Florist Up My Street

We have been working closely with Florist Up My Street since October of 2017. In that time we have worked across a multitude of campaigns, creative briefs and have delivered a series of advertising campaigns that have helped cement them as one of the leading providers of on demand flower deliveries, nationwide.

We were tasked with creating a series of campaign concepts that would help Florist Up My Street to reach new audiences, and communicate their core value propositions.  

The Solution

After holding a series of in-depth discussions with the Florist Up My Street team, where we sought to understand their business goals, ambitions for the brand, as well as explore important considerations such as tone of voice, brand character and beyond. We were then able to deliver a detailed marketing programme, specifically design to help them achieve their business goals, and ensure strong ROI on their marketing spend.

We consulted on the implementation of a marketing automation workflows that focussed on delivering value to their B2B audience (florists), educating them at each stage of the funnel as to the value of the Florist Up My Street platform. With each and every stage focussed towards bringing them to the point of purchase.

Utilising email marketing, and targeted social campaigns we also focussed on highlighting the investments we were making on their behalf in B2C marketing, and reporting back the results through closed social groups and email, to drive adoption of the platform as their primary digital sales channel.

With their B2C audiences, we supported them with the creation of compelling content that told customer stories, showcased their offering and shone a light on the additional value that came from their partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation trust, as well as the value of supporting talented, independent florists.

The Results

Within the first 6 months, we were able to deliver a significant amount of relevant site traffic from both their B2C & B2B audiences, that we had previously helped them define.

With this increase in traffic, we worked to understand the typical journey visitors were taking and encouraged changes to the site design that were able to increase conversions, and drive a greater volume of return business as a result.


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